• What you need to know about camera covers?


  • What you need to know about camera covers?

    Jammer use is increasingly common among thieves.  Because that is what helps them achieve their goals.


      The evolution of technology in the field of electronics and information technology has its drawbacks: there are sophisticated equipment on the market, such as camera jammers, better known as a silencer, capable of interfering with the operation of home security alarm systems.  Used by skilled thieves, they can disable our defenses.  But we can act accordingly and protect ourselves further.


      As is often the case, technological progress entails an inevitable negative use of modern scientific applications.  This is the case of the GSM Jammer, a device increasingly used by thieves who have put on their bandit mask and become specialists.


      The Jammer is a sophisticated electronic jammer capable of creating and transmitting high frequency signals: these signals are set exactly on the frequencies used by a wide range of equipment: GSM telephone communication, GPS communication, wireless communication of the alarm control unit with various sensors and with the police station, signals from cameras  surveillance, WI-Fi, remote controls for car locks, etc.


      Despite being banned from use, Wi-Fi jammers are also widely sold at low prices as cell phone jammers or GPS jammers.  There are models that can disrupt communication within a few meters, and professional ones operate at long distances (even over 150 meters).

     Jammer vs home burglar alarm

      Control units for wireless security alarm systems communicate with the appropriate sensors (motion, burglary, etc.) via radio.  In the event of a hack, the control unit also sends a GSM call to the police station or surveillance service, as well as to other phones, such as the owner's phone.


      Obviously, if an intruder has a silencer and activates it near the house, any break-in and associated intrusion, even if detected by one or more sensors, cannot be transmitted to the control unit.


      As an alternative, the control unit is prohibited from making GSM telephone calls to the operations center or to other telephone numbers.


      A jammer (except for particularly complex devices) is not capable of interfering with both frequencies at the same time (sensor-controller and GSM communications, but only one or the other).